CBSE Geography - 10th


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Instructors: LernEzy

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Why this course?


This course contains mock tests, notes & sample papers, covering the complete syllabus of the 2020-21 session.

Mock exams cover two MCQ tests and three Subjective tests that students can attempt anytime throughout the year. We also provide six board pattern subjective tests, which will be available in the last two months before the board examination.

The entire content is based on the analysis of the previous 10 years Board paper, with the topics/questions being segregated in VVI (very-very important), VI (very important), and I (important) category.

By going through the rich set of content provided by us, you can optimize the time spent on acquiring knowledge and give your very best to ace the Board exams with flying colors.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 : Resources and Development
Sample Paper (Resources and Development) (10 pages)
Notes-(Resources & Devlopment) (17 pages)
One/Two page Notes (Resources & Development) (1 pages)
NCERT (Solutions) (3 pages)
MCQ's Test V.V.I (Resources and Development)
MCQ's Test V.I (Resources and Development)
Subjective Test V.V.I (Resources and Development)
Subjective Test V.I (Resources and Development)
Subjective Test I (Resources and Development)
resources 1_720p
resources 2_720p
resources 3_720p
resources 4_720p
Chapter 4 : Agriculture
Sample Paper (Agriculture) (15 pages)
Notes (Agriculture) (22 pages)
One/Two page Notes (Agriculture) (1 pages)
NCERT (Solutions) (4 pages)
MCQ's Test V.V.I (Agriculture)
MCQ's Test V.I (Agriculture)
Subjective Test V.V.I (Agriculture)
Subjective Test V.I (Agriculture)
Subjective Test I (Agriculture)
Agriculture 1 (8:00)
Agriculture 2
Agriculture 3
Chapter 6 : Manufacturing Industries
Sample Paper (Manufacturing Industries) (15 pages)
Notes (Manufacturing Industries) (25 pages)
One/Two page Notes (Manufacturing Industries) (1 pages)
NCERT (Solutions) (3 pages)
M.C.Q _Test_V.V.I (Manufacturing Industries)
M.C.Q _Test_V.I (Manufacturing Industries)
Subjective Test V.V.I (Manufacturing Industries)
Subjective Test V.I (Manufacturing Industries)
Subjective Test I (Manufacturing Industries)
Manufacturing industries 1
Manufacturing industries 2
Manufacturing industries 3
Chapter 7 : Lifeline of National Economy
Sample Paper (Lifeline of National Economy) (15 pages)
Notes (Lifeline of National Economy) (20 pages)
One/Two page Notes (Lifeline of National Economy) (1 pages)
NCERT (Solutions) (4 pages)
M.C.Q _Test_V.V.I (Lifelines of National Economy)
M.C.Q _Test_V.I (Lifelines of National Economy)
Subjective Test V.V.I (Lifeline of National Economy)
Subjective Test V.I (Lifeline of National Economy)
Subjective Test I (Lifeline of National Economy)
Lifelines of national economy 1
Lifelines of national economy 2

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